Marya MillerBorn and raised in Scotland, Marya Miller’s first burning ambition as a small child – inspired by a forgotten cluster of eleventh-century gravestones at St. Mary’s Church – was to become a gravestone reader, while her sister opted to become a pencil sharpener. Both quickly surpassed these lofty goals.

Marya recently retired from copywriting and editing, and these days spends all the time she can snatch writing about the island of Dragonish and playing her Celtic harp.

She is currently working on Under the Splintered Mountains, a fantasy novel set in Dragonish and the lands beyond, with Granny Maberly (from Tales of Mist and Magic: How Granny Maberly Stopped a War and Other Flash Stories trying to get back to the kinsfolk who left her behind to die.

And yes, there will be dragons in the book. There are always dragons.